About Sankranti

Sankranti (pronounced - 'sum-kraanthi' ) is derived from a Sanskrit term which translates to "Positive Change". According to Hindu transcripts,

This is the time when the Sun God transitions (changes or kranti) into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This change marks the end of Winter Solstice and start of Uttarayan (uttara - North; ayana - movement) marking the beginning of longer days. Sankranti usually falls on January 14th every year. Most scholars believe the festival of Sankranti is nearly 5,000 years old.

India was primarily an agrarian society for several centuries. Apart from the spiritual side, Sankranti is celebrated as a 3-day Harvest festival. Crops are harvested, brought home and distributed during this season. Even to this day, the celebration is common throughout India. There is an abundance of Delicious Food and signs of Prosperity everywhere. People are happy and in the mood to celebrate. Family members gather typically at their ancestral home in small villages where elaborate meals are specially prepared with care and love. Friends and neighbors are invited and everyone feels like they are all part of one family. After enjoying lavish and delicious meals, they enjoy playing various sports and games.

In many ways, Sankranti is similar to our Thanksgiving where families meet and celebrate the festival with sumptuous food, love, and gratitude. The festival is a time for communal celebration for a bountiful harvest. Like Sankranti, the first thanksgiving was celebrated over 3 days in 1621. In many South Indian cultures pumpkin is one of the primary foods enjoyed at this time.

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Join us daily as we celebrate the bountiful harvest, the joy of dining together and the opportunity to experience the rich diverse cultures that make Sankranti a festival of food.

We welcome all of you,
Sankranti Management.